The Purchase Process

It is usually a good idea to be pre-qualified for a mortgage before you take any further steps in purchasing a home.

Discovery Process
The fun begins. We review all of your needs, desires and wishes in your future property. This insures we are viewing the right properties in the next step.

Viewing Homes
We are ready to make the purchase. I will select the best homes for you from hundreds. It’s my job to sort the good from the bad.

Writing an Offer
The good homes in¬†Windsor go very quickly. It’s a good idea to write an offer immediately once you find the one that’s right for you.

Accepted Offer
This is when all parties agree on the terms of the sale. The contract is fully signed, and changes have been initialed. There are still conditions or subjects to the contract that the buyer or seller is under obligation to resolve before the sale becomes firm.

Any inspections you wish to do should be booked immediately after the offer is accepted.

Subject Removal
An addendum to the contract is signed stating that all conditions to the sale have been removed, and the property is sold firm.

Lawyer or Notary
It’s a good idea to choose your lawyer or notary immediately after the deal is firm, that way our office can send paperwork right away.

Prepare to Move
Please see my Moving Checklist

Sign Documents with Lending Institution
If you are taking out a mortgage, you will meet with your lending institution about a week before the closing date to sign the necessary documents.

Sign Documents with Lawyer or Notary
About one week before the closing date, your lawyer or notary will schedule a meeting with you to sign all the necessary documents.

Follow Up call
About one week before closing, we touch base with your lawyer to make sure that everything is going smoothly and they are prepared to close your deal successfully the next week. We’ll give you a call as well so that you can rest assured.

On this day your deal “completes”. You will receive the money for your property and the title changes hands. It is on this day that you also need house insurance. You will receive a call from our office as soon as we get the good news.

Transfer of Title
This clears the seller of all financial encumbrances associated with the property: amounts owing are paid for out of the selling price making it a clear title. The title now goes under the buyer’s name and any new financial encumbrances are applied.

Possession Date
At 12 noon you will receive the keys and can begin to move in.

Follow-up and Feedback
During and after the purchase process I will be in regular contact with you to ensure a smooth transaction.